Matt Tapley

Lead Pastor of Lakemount Worship Centre Grimsby, Ontario (the Kennedy’s Home Church)
Peggy Kennedy carries a powerful anointing to consistently bring the Word of the Lord in a way that is both powerful and timely. She is humble, yet bold and is mantled to walk in a heavenly grace that brings people of diverse backgrounds together in unity. Peggy is a trusted minister who is always Biblically faithful and keenly sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. The heart of her ministry is to strengthen the local Church to possess the fullness of God’s purposes individually and collectively. Peggy calls Gods people to confidently step-out on His timeless promises as well as helping to identify and reclaim those unique deposits which God faithfully places within a local assembly. I fully endorse and entrust the ministry of Peggy Kennedy and Two Silver Trumpets to you.

Ken Egede

Pastor Jesus House Toronto - A parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God
“Peggy and Jack Kennedy’s commitment to the Kingdom of God goes beyond just knowing the work of the Lord, but rather to knowing the Lord of the work. I strongly believe that any congregation would be blessed by their ministration.”

Gavin Cunningham

Pastor of First Assembly of God, Bangalore, India
Jack and Peggy brought to The First Assembly of God Church, Bangalore (INDIA) a fresh and exciting wave of the Holy Spirit of God. Their ministry flowed to us in an awesome depth of revelation of the Prophetic will of God for us in this season. They wonderfully weaved together a tapestry of prophetic anointing that flows with cultural relevance, timely socio/political discernment of God’s working in our times, Biblical authenticity, clarity of truth, and uncompromising demand of commitment. Their ministry placed our church right at the cutting edge of what God had in store for us in the context He had placed us in.

Rev. Yoga Thomas

Senior Pastor at Living Word Missionary Church, (Tamil congregation)
I am very happy to write regarding the ministry called “Two Silver Trumpets”. The founders of this ministry Bro. Jack and Sis. Peggy Kennedy have ministered in our Church several times. I can say that our Church is really privilaged to have them minister in our Church several times. They have a special anointing and truly they carry the presence of God with them. They minister and move in prophetical anointing. I am eager to have them at our Church at anytime and highly recommend them.

Rev. Bob Johnston

Lead Pastors at Global Kingdom Ministries, Scarborough, Ontario
Peggy is a woman of God who has aligned herself to His Kingdom purposes for this day and hour. Every time she ministers she comes with a ‘NOW’ word that speaks into the heart and soul of the destiny of our church and individuals. We will never forget the Word of the Lord – “THIS TIME” – that prophetically released Global Kingdom Ministries (formerly Scarboro Gospel Temple) into a new season, a new name, a new building and a new direction. The prophetic insight that she releases is powerful.

Revs. Robert & Della Innes

Senior Pastors at Calvary Temple Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
It is a pleasure for us to commend the ministry of Jack and Peggy Kennedy. We are grateful to God for enabling them to minister to our church (and into our lives) over the past number of years. Peggy’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and powerful, timely preaching has encouraged our people and helped us recognize the “eternity promptings” of the Spirit. Jack’s humble, patient ministry to people, along with his willingness to share his testimony and words of wisdom has blessed our people of all ages. Our congregation is a splendid mix of young and old (with many university students in attendance), interdenominational (although strongly Pentecostal in doctrine), and international in its makeup. Peggy and Jack’s ministry touched this profound mix of peoples every time they were with us and we are thankful to God for these servants He has blessed the church with.

Rev. Lorne Fisher

Senior Pastor at Richfield Christian Fellowship Edmonton, Alberta
To give a strong recommendation for the ministry of Peggy and Jack Kennedy is an honor. We have been abundantly blessed and challenged through the prophetic anointing that rests on their ministry. They are consistent in their calling and faithfully raise the strong prophetic voice of God’s call for His Church to move forward. Any church or pastor that is seeking a visionary impact on their congregation needs to give serious consideration to inviting Jack and Peggy for meetings.

Ken Jeffrey

Pastor at Gateway Pentecostal Church North Bay, Ontario
It was such an privilege to have Peggy and Jack Kennedy in North Bay. The Gateway Church family and City Churches continue to express their thanks and keep asking when they are coming back. Peggy walks with a prophetic anointing and understanding of what God is doing in our nation and delivers it with powerful messages filled with so much grace. We found ourselves repenting, crying, laughing, praying, worshipping and encouraged to go deeper with the Lord. Having Peggy Kennedy come to North Bay was a truly a blessing. She walks and talks the Lord’s heart.

Gilles Trahan

Pasteur Principal Assemblée Pentecôte de Timmins Timmins, Ontario
Peggy et Jack Kennedy du ministère ‘Two Silver Trumpets’ ont su nous bénir chaque fois qu’ils ont visité notre assemblée. Leur ministère est vraiment une trompette qui résonne prophétiquement au battement de leurs coeurs pour les nations fondatrices du Canada. En tant qu’église francophone, nous avons senti leur amour pour notre peuple et notre culture. La parole prophétique et préchée par notre soeur Peggy a toujours été un encouragement pour nous et un avant-goût des choses à venir dans notre communauté.