A Is For Apple: Daily Delights from the Song of Songs




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“The Lord is calling His people to a new level of partnership with Him in this hour. In this book, A is for Apple, there are daily delights awaiting from the Song of Songs. It is our Lord and Lover Himself who awakens the heart and then calls us to arise and ‘go with Him’ into our destiny. As you open the pages of this book you will hear that sound of His lavish love. You will experience the upward pull of His love bringing you to that new place of partnership with Him!” —Dr. Pat Francis, Kingdom Covenant Ministries, Pat Francis Ministries

“Peggy Kennedy’s innovative book A is for Apple kept me spellbound. I especially was touched when I read ‘B is for Beloved’ where it states, ‘There is nothing passive, distant, or casual in how our Lord considers and relates to us.’ I recommend this book to anyone who wants a deeper relationship with the Lover of our souls Jesus Christ.” —Mohawk Elder from Kanehsatake, Mavis Etienne, ICADC, Head of clinical staff and an addictions counsellor for 22 years at the Onen’tokon Treatment Services, Kanehsatake First Nation (Quebec)

“Peggy Kennedy has prepared the romantic adventure in the Song of Songs and served it to us as a daily banquet feast. For 52 days you can be ‘awakened by His love’ and reminded that it is Jesus who is pursuing you.
Your heart will be healed, empowered and transformed as you start each day with this love letter from Jesus.” —Grant Mullen M.D., Author of Emotionally Free”

Author Bio: Peggy Kennedy is committed to hearing the “now” word of the Lord for His people. As a speaker, Peggy has sounded out that word across Canada and beyond. Now you will be “hearing” her pen! Jack and Peggy, as Two Silver Trumpets mentioned in Numbers 10, have served the Lord and His purposes for many years in different assignments taking them from First Nations to the nations! “The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary” (Isaiah 50:4).